Two years ago I went

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Two years ago I went Bhutan with my colleagues. I was so excited as I have heard many nice stories about Bhutan being a mystic country and you can even touch the cloud. However, I have motion sickness and stamina issues. Fortunately I am blessed to have Sonam Wangchuk ( currently with Follow Bhutan Tour & Treks) as our tour guide. He is such a lively person. Full of energy and very caring too. The roads were challenging and soon I was suffering from motion sickness. Sonam immediately made me sit beside the driver. He gave me ginger drink. I felt so much better after that. For the rest of the trip I just sit beside the driver and had very good view of scenery. Sonam Wangchuk is very good in his explanation about Bhutan and Buddhism. As we are devout Buddhists, he brought as to many interesting Temples which he is very familiar with and the most memorable one is this Temple up in the mountain in Thimpu that I could really touched the cloud!
My next fear is the Tiger Nest as my stamina wasn’t good. But Sonam Wangchuk has his ways of helping and encouraging me up Tiger Nest. He could even hold my hand and ran with him. So glad that I reached Tiger Nest in one piece and pretty early too. We could even join in the chanting up at the Temple in Tiger Nest before we made our way down. Sonam Wangchuk is very fun to be with. Not only he provides knowledge and laughters , he is very patient and kind too. He made my Bhutan trip so memorable that my heart and soul is still with Bhutan till this day. I certainly will go back again and will certainly join Follow Bhutan Tours & Treks and I must have Sonam Wangchuk to be my tour guide again. Perhaps I can try Trekking. Looks interesting. Ha..ha..

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