It is my second times

It is my second times to go Bhutan and arranged by Follow Bhutan Tours and Treks again …its services standard is still keeping very high and professional…guide is experienced and bring us lots of laughter..unforgettable to stay with local Bhutanese’s home at Haa village for one night experience, hearty getting their warmth treat… highly recommended Follow Bhutan Tour and Treks to all travellers ! Thank you for all the tour arrangements!

Kathy Keung
Hong Kong

Two years ago I went

Two years ago I went Bhutan with my colleagues. I was so excited as I have heard many nice stories about Bhutan being a mystic country and you can even touch the cloud. However, I have motion sickness and stamina issues. Fortunately I am blessed to have Sonam Wangchuk ( currently with Follow Bhutan Tour & Treks) as our tour guide. He is such a lively person. Full of energy and very caring too. The roads were challenging and soon I was suffering from motion sickness. Sonam immediately made me sit beside the driver. He gave me ginger drink. I felt so much better after that. For the rest of the trip I just sit beside the driver and had very good view of scenery. Sonam Wangchuk is very good in his explanation about Bhutan and Buddhism. As we are devout Buddhists, he brought as to many interesting Temples which he is very familiar with and the most memorable one is this Temple up in the mountain in Thimpu that I could really touched the cloud!
My next fear is the Tiger Nest as my stamina wasn’t good. But Sonam Wangchuk has his ways of helping and encouraging me up Tiger Nest. He could even hold my hand and ran with him. So glad that I reached Tiger Nest in one piece and pretty early too. We could even join in the chanting up at the Temple in Tiger Nest before we made our way down. Sonam Wangchuk is very fun to be with. Not only he provides knowledge and laughters , he is very patient and kind too. He made my Bhutan trip so memorable that my heart and soul is still with Bhutan till this day. I certainly will go back again and will certainly join Follow Bhutan Tours & Treks and I must have Sonam Wangchuk to be my tour guide again. Perhaps I can try Trekking. Looks interesting. Ha..ha..

Jane Tan

After seeing the beautiful photos

After seeing the beautiful photos taken by my friend in Bhutan, my husband and I decided to visit this well-known happiness kingdom. It was a brand new and enjoyable experience to us. We visited different places with amazing scenery such as Tiger Nest and Punakha Dzong. Food was simple but healthy and unique. We were very thankful to follow Mr. Sonam Wangchuk who was an experienced, caring, helpful and friendly tour guide. He made our experience in Bhutan a special one because of his dedication and kindness. We learnt a lot about Bhutanese culture and tried their traditional dress Kira and Gho. We enjoyed the chillis and the walk in paddy fields. The most wonderful thing was we could feel the calmness and did relax a lot during our stay in Bhutan.

We are blessed to have this travel experience and look forward to exploring the other part of Bhutan in near future.

Gigi Lam
Hong Kong

Sonam Wangchuk and team gave

Sonam Wangchuk and team gave us the most memorable experience in this beautiful country.

His care, quick wit, knowledge of the country’s culture & history as well as his knowledge of Buddhism and temple links add immensely to the whole experience.

The trip to Bhutan left an indelible imprint in my heart and soul.

Tour Guides and their dedicated team can make a big difference in trips and we would definitely recommend Follow Bhutan Tour & Treks to all.


Professional, experienced and funny guide

Professional, experienced and funny guide who gave us unforgettable trip. The best agent in Bhutan, you won’t regret it!

Hong Kong

我真的好滿意這旅程,我曾經去過好多地方,但今次我要怎樣形容呢個旅程呢,就是amazing 同Miraculous,我今次目的就是chatting ,meditation and Hiking

我真的好滿意這旅程,我曾經去過好多地方,但今次我要怎樣形容呢個旅程呢,就是amazing 同Miraculous,我今次目的就是chatting ,meditation and Hiking .Hiking 行山可以看到無限靚風景所以選擇了這活動,禪修靜坐可以清除內心習性煩囂把負能量排出,Chatting 能夠輸入我更多正能量希望能帶回香港慢慢用,首先多謝導遊先生Sonam為我度身訂造的行程,這𥚃的環境優美同埋這裏的人好平靜好熱情,我想在這裏分享一下,不丹是一個快樂指數高,我有questions 所以去看看吧!我都想體驗一下,終於明白加體會到,不單係一個山明水秀嘅地方應我學風水好幾年睇到佢嘅流水河流就是九曲水,風水有説直水無情曲水有情,所以人民和諧熱情互相幫忙,我感受到愛的存在,我在香港好耐沒有感受到了,不丹呢個地方啲山好靚好多村落、廟宇群山圍繞,風水有說群山圍繞出高人,明白這𥚃向解有高僧及人民尊業但不會為利益放棄傳統,我去過他們的藝術造紙、畫畫、非常專注、高技術,雖然物質唔多但是人民沒有戾氣及因爲科技資源名貴電話唔開心,我去過虎穴寺真的行得激辛苦,但是當到達時看到的令我驚訝,虎穴寺旁邊有一條流水,這流水形像就是我哋風水稱為天界水,所以我裝置了一樽回酒店洗澡。其實不只是這樣還有很多不可思議的事情⋯⋯,但我現在係香港沒有時間寫下去。再次多謝導遊先生安排感激我會再回來!

Tai Carroll
Hong Kong

Great experience, professional guide Sonam

Great experience, professional guide Sonam who taking care everyone for the trip.

Really appreciate about his prefect arrangement despite I’m not the guy who prefer to joint tour group. He really made a great job! Flexible, safe and giving us variable experience in Bhutan.

Bhutan is one of the beautiful, amazing place in the world. Quite sure will be back to Bhutan soon in the future.


Our Bhutanese itinerary was dream

Our Bhutanese itinerary was dream come true only because of Follow Bhutan. I trusted Sonam completely and just told him that we would like to visit thimphu, bumthang, gangtey,paro and punakha; rest was planned totally by him and his team. Special appreciation for ensuring to provide us accommodation which were not only very clean and hygienic but also had great views from our room. The home stay experience in Paro also turned out to be great. The drive to Bumthang was not easy at all because of difficult road conditions. But our driver turned friend was the best we could have asked for in terms of our safety. Just like we asked, we got a friendly guide who was not only informative but also very helpful during difficult treks (plus amazing photography skills). They also made sure that food was arranged in advance wherever we were going based on our likes and dislikes.
Thumbs up for service! Thank you for giving us a fantastic trip with a lifetime of memories to cherish.
-Vamsee & Divya

Divya Vamsee Mahendrakar

nice trip

t was a nice trip with Follow Bhutan Tours and Treks Everything well planned and what I like the most is the flexibility they exercise. Very service oriented and read our wish for a small staute we didn’t buy in time from our eyes and surprised us at our farewell with it. Highly recommended.


Hong Kong

Follow Bhutan Tours & Treks

Follow Bhutan Tours & Treks helped make my first trip to Bhutan a really special experience. The trip was a personalised itinerary and very well planned. I had a wonderful guide and driver who were very knowledgeable about Bhutanese history and Buddhism. The hikes were just stunning and some of the hotels had breathtaking views – I couldn’t have been happier.

I feel fortunate to have experienced such a beautiful country and meet some of its beautiful people. I only wish I could have stayed longer. Huge thanks to Follow Bhutan Tours & Trek and hope to be back again one day.

Anna Ho
Hong Kong

Following Bhutan

Following Bhutan 絕對是最正確的選擇。他們讓我在不丹留下了不少珍貴回憶。從行程安排到抵達不丹後的每個小細節,他們都照料周到。由於不丹不容許自由行,所以只要你有去不丹的心思,把Following Bhutan 放進你的contact list 就對了。
這趟旅行很幸運認識到一位很好的當地導遊Tenzyn , 除了既定行程以外,還會按客人的性格改變行程。例如每天都加插一小段行山的活動,又安排在河邊野餐,更帶我探訪民居,感受當地人簡單的生活態度。在他的帶領下,我看到美麗的不丹,聽到可愛的民間故事,感受到濃濃的人情味。短短數天,就教我愛上這地方了。

Fanny Lau

We had a fantastic experience

We had a fantastic experience with Follow Bhutan Tours. Everything was planned out and made easy and our guide and driver were relaxed and knowledgeable bringing great humor to our experience. The Bhutanese hospitality at the hotels was more than generous and every night we were treated with a spread we could not finish. The only downside was that we had to leave!

Daniel Austin

Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, Follow

Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, Follow Bhutan Tours & Treks had arranged a perfect tour for the three of us. Tour guide was very knowledgable in Buddhism & brought us a lot of laughters. Due to the virus, he had helped us to avoid the crowds & tried to protect us in every way he could. Our driver has great driving skills & the car was clean & comfortable.

If we have chance to visit Bhutan again in the future, Follow Bhutan Tours & Treks would still definitely be our no. 1 choice.

Fiona Lee
Hong Kong

I had a good time

I had a good time and unforgettable experiences in Bhutan with Follow Bhutan Tours! The tour guide and driver are nice and caring. Hope can visit this beautiful country again in the future.

A Lee
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