After seeing the beautiful photos

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After seeing the beautiful photos taken by my friend in Bhutan, my husband and I decided to visit this well-known happiness kingdom. It was a brand new and enjoyable experience to us. We visited different places with amazing scenery such as Tiger Nest and Punakha Dzong. Food was simple but healthy and unique. We were very thankful to follow Mr. Sonam Wangchuk who was an experienced, caring, helpful and friendly tour guide. He made our experience in Bhutan a special one because of his dedication and kindness. We learnt a lot about Bhutanese culture and tried their traditional dress Kira and Gho. We enjoyed the chillis and the walk in paddy fields. The most wonderful thing was we could feel the calmness and did relax a lot during our stay in Bhutan.

We are blessed to have this travel experience and look forward to exploring the other part of Bhutan in near future.

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